We are Untapped

We're inclusive communications and marketing people

Our vision is for all organisations to wholeheartedly embed inclusion into their brand to deliver value for their people, customers, stakeholders and communities.

Our mission is to help organisations do this in a meaningful and authentic way.

This is what we do

Strategic communications, marketing and brand-building;

Employee engagement;

Communicating sustainability and social impact work authentically;

Partnership strategy and activation;

Helping organisations to make meaningful connections with audiences;

Working with brands to engage disabled audiences and change perceptions of disability.

What we love

Building and strengthening brands through compelling, authentic and inclusive communications.

Who we work with

Purpose-driven organisations around the world which are solving the planet’s greatest challenges, tackling inequalities and driving social change.

What we can do
for you

Help you to communicate strategically and inclusively;

Join the dots between your comms, inclusion and social impact activities;

Develop programmes and partnerships that deliver impact;

Remove the fear factor around disability inclusion;

Create content that engages.

Stay in the know

Untapped highlights here!

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The Threads app is missing some basic accessibility functionality

My latest blog picks up on some LinkedIn posts I've read and some conversations I've had about the fact that the Threads app is missing some basic accessibility functionality, despite being launched during Disability Pride Month.